Music Industry Package

The Music Industry Package is a turn key solution for labels and artists. Using Fresher*'s powerful content management capabilities and integrated shopping cart, you can have a fully functional site for your label and artists today! It's a dynamic solution that empowers you the artist/label. At the click of a button, you can sell music, promote yourself, keep track of fans, and feed social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace - All offered from one centralized location. Perfect.

Unique Features

The Music Industry Package offers a complete solution out of the box. Use Fresher*'s powerful administrative interfaces to manage your site, which includes:


This package uses standard Fresher* pricing.


MediaFresh has developped this vertical for labels and artists. Here are a few examples of the Music Industry Package in action:


As with all Fresher* packages, you can fully customize the look and feel to fit your needs. The customizability of our solution is what makes Fresher* your best choice.

Future Proof is always improving its core technologies as well as the various packages it provides for its clients. As a client, you will benefit from these upgrades and stay ahead of the curve. As we grow our client base in this industry, our technology and offering grows too.